Atlanta Startup Village x MrJonCee by Jon Chester

The Atlanta tech community has seen a surge in entrepreneurs over the past few years. With large contributions from investors and companies, the tech world has been quickly evolving in the city. 

Thanks to Atlanta Tech Village, entrepreneurs with a variety of backgrounds now have a place to start, grow and flourish within the industry. I had the opportunity to work directly with host Aly Merritt during the Atlanta Startup Village event. A handful of diverse business professionals were invited to do a five minute pitch of their application/software idea, followed by a Q&A session from the audience. It was a wonderful experience watching as speakers shared their ideas and audience members sought to learn more about each person's product. This event is a must see for those in the tech field and a great place to network as well.

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ChefWaites Presents: 4th of July BBQ by Jon Chester

Every year I end up being invited to an array of different events that I typically don't know which to attend. There's always food, drinks and a guest list of people that I'm not usually friends with which causes me to make an excuse and stay home. But this year when I was contacted by my good friend ChefWaites (who is actually a chef in his spare time believe it or not) to attend his 4th of July festivities I knew it was worth bringing the camera. And thankfully, I did!

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SeeFrvncis x MrJonCee by Jon Chester

In this life you're going to meet a lot of people, it's just going to happen! You'll head out into your day, travel your normal path and make connections along the way. Some of those faces will be frequent stops on your journey and others will be a one time thing. But when it came to SeeFrvncis I think I discovered much more than I'd initially expected. 

Through my good friend Amanda over at I was introduced to an artist by the name of SeeFrvncis who's been making larger moves in the underground world of hip hop and music production. I've followed this guy on social media for a while but hadn't had a genuine conversation with him until the day before our shoot. Outside of his overall demeanor this guy has talents in several areas and a mindset that I'm sure will take him to the top sooner than he thinks.

Take a look at some of the photos below and stay tuned for more from both SeeFrvncis and myself. It's only the beginning! 




The Happier Hour ATL by Jon Chester

Since I began my venture to explore the world of photography I've been exposed to a lot. From models and actors to a wide variety of locations and neighborhoods there's been a lot I've learned. But after grabbing photos at a dinner party for a phenomenal group of women in Virginia Highlands I'm realizing there's much more to learn. 

Through a close friend and family member I was introduced to an outstanding woman by the name of Samantha concerning her event called The Happier Hour which was being hosted at One Eared Stag. The event focuses on amazing women coming together to enjoy great food, drinks and excellent conversation. What I enjoyed most about capturing these photos were the intimate moments and the happiness that was clearly visible throughout the afternoon. It's easy to tell someone where to stand what expression to have but capturing great moments in time is something I will always enjoy and work to become better at. 

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11xHuman/tre native BTS Photos by Jon Chester

Location: tre native studios 

Location: tre native studios 

For those that are unaware, tre native has been an ever-growing force in the world of video production. This unique production company headed by David Kwon Kim and partner Brandon Smith have brought stunning visuals to the big screen for musical artists and large brands alike. Working alongside this company over the past three years has been an amazing opportunity that has granted me access to many high profile events and work opportunities. 

During my latest run-in with the company I was granted access to shoot a Behind the Scenes images during their Akoo Clothing "11xHuman" Short Film directed by John Merizalde. Outside of my personal friend being featured in the film, it was an honor to see such an amazing film come together with so many talented individuals contributing to its overall success. 

Upon release, the 11xHuman Short Film has been praised and acclaimed by many in the video production world including Director's Notes (check their article out here). Be sure to check out the short film below and click here to view my BTS images from the shoot. 


Ace of 2C x MrJonCee by Jon Chester

Recently I had the pleasure of linking with a good friend from St. Louis Missouri named Ace Allen in the city of Atlanta. Ace is a music recording artist of the brand 2C and happened to be in town performing and promoting his new single. 

Being that Ace and I had a long history in the musical scene back in St. Louis I was happy to book a shoot with him and explore the city of Atlanta together. I'd like to send a huge thank you to Ace his wife Amber and the 2C family for allowing me to capture these amazing moments. 

Be on the lookout for more photos from this shoot soon!